Thursday, November 17, 2011

here I is.

 I neglect you guys, I do. I know I suck. Photos to make up for it? 

Also, because it makes my OCD feel good, I'm going to add in my to do/done list. The due date club online that I'm a part of, we've been tracking each other's progress and pushing each other to get stuff done. But now I've hit a wall now that I'm on mat leave (squeeee!). I need to get moving again!


-Wrote list of must haves before baby is born (see below...)
-bought crib, and mattress chose fabric for crib blanket, which MIL is making. 
-bought pack and play for sleep area first few weeks
-pulled out and organized all the clothing, sorted by sizes. 
-pulled out diapers, decided to stick with current stash, and supplement with sposies until the OS fit. 
-confirmed usage of bucket seat and bouncer chair from friends
-went through list- we definately have all the clothing/blankets/big stuff etc we need
-bought ultrasound gel for doppler, and chux pads for laboring at home
-just ordered two more bras for use as nursing bras
-set up the p&p we bought used, and bought one piece it was missing
-found fabric for crib sheet and pack and play sheets
-washed all diapers
-update birth plan, and write a JIC c-section plan- printed copies and have them saved in folder on my desktop
-Picked up both pull on v-neck style nursing bras- waiting until after the birth to buy one molded cup one. 
-bought diaper pail for downstairs
-bought large wetbag to hang in bedroom (will transfer once a day to pail downstairs)
-bought diaper detergent
-Submitted paperwork for work-- last day November 12th!
-Looked up paperwork for mat leave payments-- Started claim, waiting on ROE's. 
-contacted doula- confirmed payment (none, isn't she awesome!) and in the process of setting up a 'date' for next week for her to meet DH and do mat photos. 
-did some freezer stashing- 2 meatloafs, and 2 tins of 30 meatballs each, plus 2 dozen choc chip cookies, a dozen granola bars (mmm oatmeal to help with supply), and two dozen shortbread cookies. 
-Booked install for remote car starter-- had this installed. 
-Got wrap back
-sterilized all bottles and pumps
-washed all blankets, clothing, and remaining diapers/hats/bibs etc
-Decided on diaper system- small bin to sit in the p&p with a few diapers, lotion, wash, bibs, washcloths, etc in it, and the others will go in the bottom part of the pack and play
-bought a pack of sposies.
-Met with doula so DH can meet her
-wrote up and sent own and baby's christmas lists

Need to Do:
-pick up the bucket seat (the cover is being washed, should pick up Saturday)
-Empty out baby's room of crap...   ((Mostly done, probably as much as will get done before she comes))
-Buy rocker
-Freezer stash!! -- Picking up new freezer Saturday- can start stashing on probably Monday, once we go buy ingredients.
-put together labor box for home- in progress. 
-pack hospital bag- in progress 
-choose name... 
-get MIL to serge diaper inserts -- taken over to her house... 
-Purchase gifts for at least 50% of family (all the children's gifts would be nice to get out of the way...) almost there!
-Remove Antique case from baby's room and take over to aunt's house. 
-Book housecleaner for end of November. 
-Get MIL to make crib blanket and sheets and pack and play sheets out of fabric we bought
-get new rings, so I can finish making ring sling- then I have fabric for one cloth and one microfleece
-take another round of mat photos-- probably this saturday.

And then lots of house cleaning.
-clean bathroom again
-clean kitchen top to bottom, including cleaning out cupboards
-clean our room, and get caught up on laundry (we keep throwing it in the pack and play... and soon that won't work!)
-Organize the living room- we set up the tree, and now there's random furniture everywhere
-sweep and wash floors entire house

Having a baby is a lot of work! lol

Anyways, I know you just want the pictures... 

36 weeks

37 weeks